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Holt Medical Practice
 Holt Medical Practice

The group was set up in July 2008 to facilitate patient participation with Holt Medical Practice.


It is recognised that patients can play a positive role in their own health and well-being and can also contribute to the decision making process within the practice. The staff have actively supported the set up of the group and value the partnership that has been formed.


A committee steers the group. We would welcome anyone who is interested to contact a committee member.


Our aims are:

  • To provide a means for patients to make a contribution to the continuous improvement of serivecs of the Holt Medical Practice by way of positive suggestions
  • To encourage health education and patients taking an interest in their own health
  • To influence any changes to provision
  • To provide a channel of communication between the practice and its patients
  • To hold open meetings on specific topics

Not got time to read our update below? In short, if you are interested in joining our wide EMAIL CONSULTATION GROUP, or wish to become more involved in HAPPG, please email holtareappg2017 (at) gmail (dot) com, giving your name(s), any particular interests you may have and your postal address.




In 2017 HAPPG set out to develop a broader approach to Patient Participation. As many of you will already know, it has been one of its key aims of the last three years to gain much wider access to our large number of patients for consultation and the gathering of patients’ opinions. You may think that letter writing and dissemination of questionnaires is simple enough, and in theory you would be correct, but with over 14,000 patients and a huge hike in the price of postage, COST has been completely prohibitive.

However, I am thrilled to say that, by working very closely with the administrative staff we eventually found a way to contact a large group of patients, working within the bounds of data protection, who are prepared to be contacted by HAPPG, by email, to COMMUNICATE with us.

The nature of this COMMUNICATION is entirely of a frequency decided by the patient’s desire to respond. We shall be asking for participation ranging from such things as surveys, feed-back forms and newsletters to the opportunity for individuals to contact us regarding constructive comments and ideas about individual matters of interest relating to the Practice and to wider HEALTH RELATED ISSUES

One golden rule still holds true in that HAPPG is NOT a platform for personal complaints or personal matters of a medical nature. We are not medically trained. The Practice has a specific “complaints” structure for individual patients, should that be the nature of your problem, and open access for all medical advice.

We accessed our email group via the Practice sending out an initial contact email to all patients who had logged their email address with the Practice, inviting anyone who wished to participate to respond directly to HAPPG.

I am delighted to say, that the core group, which deals with the day-to-day workings of the HAPPG, now has a fantastic CONSULTATION group of 300 !

If anyone hadn’t given their email to the Practice but would like to be added to the HAPPG CONSULTATION GROUP, please email us directly on: holtareappg2017 (at) gmail (dot) com – giving your name(s), any particular interests you may have and your postal address. The latter is simply so that we can see that we are getting representatives from the large geographic area the Practice covers.

This has been a very lengthy process, with several IT wrinkles, but well worthwhile. A huge thank you goes to Will Bamber and the Practice staff for enabling this essential initial contact.

Wishing all our patients a very Happy New Year for 2018

Maggie Prior, Chair, HAPPG


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